I'm a Senior Group Engineering Manager based in Edinburgh, UK, currently working for I manage teams, coach and develop great software engineering leaders, and build full-stack applications using wide range of technologies including NodeJs, React, Python, Java, and various cloud technologies.

Outside of work I spend my time teaching with Code First:Girls and mentoring at

Things I've Worked On

Skyscanner Homepage Consolidation

  • Built a team of 12 developers, consisting of varying levels and company tenure across 3 offices
  • Worked with designers, copywriters, and accessibility specialists to build and release a completely new version of Skyscanner's homepage
  • The team contributed to Backpack, Skyscanner's open-source design system

Payments Processing Platform

  • Merged two existing teams into single, distributed team of 10 across 3 offices
  • Oversaw the design and deployment of a payment processing solution, handling all of Skyscanner's on-site payments (~7k daily)

Flight Emissions Pipeline

  • Designed and built a pipeline for displaying CO2 emissions to travellers during flight search
  • Java Dropwizard Microservice with protobuf gRPC endpoints, rendered using React JS
  • Emissions calculated using Apache Spark, persisted to Redis via AWS Batch
  • Deployed using io to AWS ECS, processing 4 million requests per minute

Cross Platform Event Logging

  • Created a framework for designing user tracking events consistently across Skyscanner
  • Designed 12 core event schemas and implemented them across 30+ microservices
  • Built tooling to collate events and enable data scientists to access data from web, Android and iOS events simultaneously using PySpark

Revenue and Billing Microservices

  • Maintained and improved a large C# .net application enabling Skyscanner to collate partner data and issue invoices
  • Integrated SOX compliant tooling and revenue alerting
  • Designed and built an event based Accruals service for tracking and managing outstanding payments using Express.js and React with Apache
  • Kafka event BUS
  • Maintained an MSSQL based revenue forecasting system enabling Skyscanner to track and forecast £16m monthly revenue


Senior Group Engineer Manager

Feb 2023 - Present

Engineer Manager


Oct 2020 - Feb 2023

Senior Software Engineer


Jul 2018 - Oct 2022

Software Engineer


Sep 2015 - Jul 2018